Premium Facial Cotton Pads, Your Essences’ & Toners’ New Best Friend

October 6, 2016

Credit @Michelle Phan YouTube


Not all facial cotton pads are created equal.

While the topic of facial cotton may seem trivial, it is definitely worth considering and oft overlooked.  Afterall, if you’re willing to devote copious amounts of time and money to a serious beauty regimen, it hardly seems wise to neglect the intermediary between your skin and many of those products.

The vast majority of your run-of-the-mill, drugstore cotton pads or, god forbid, balls are not worthy of your Essence and Toner.  Not only do they tend to leave behind pesky little fibers that inevitably get stuck in your eyes or on your lips, they also drink up products with an insatiable thirst!  I think we can all agree that the “glug, glug, glug” that sometimes occurs when we put product to pad is downright cringeworthy.  Not to mention, while some cotton pads claim to be “exfoliating” they are actually downright abrasive.  I once used an economy brand cotton pad that had actual cardboard bits in it,  no joke!

When shopping for cotton pads, softness is key.  Denser cotton pads are nice as well, as long as they don’t soak up too much product.  Once you’ve found your ideal cotton pad, don’t just settle for swiping it across your face and tossing. Create your own DIY custom facial masks, just soak them in your favorite liquid-based products: essence, serum, lotion, or perhaps even a cream?  Simply soak your cotton pads in produc and spread them across your face wherever you desire a more concentrated application.  You can also watch Michelle Phan’s tutorial for a play by play.

While there are higher end options from Chanel and Cle de Peau, Shiseido’s Facial Cotton is probably the most famous cotton pad out there.  However many Asian brands have similar offerings, in terms of quality, at a much more attractive pricepoint.  Missha currently offers two varieties of cotton pads that are both highly rated.


Chanel “Le Coton”

$20 for 100 = $0.20/puff


Cle de Peau Beaute Cotton

$24 for 120 = $0.20/puff


Missha “The Premium Silk-feel Cotton Puff”

$4 for 80 = $0.05/puff


Shiseido “Facial Cotton”

$9.50 for 165 =  $0.06/puff


Missha “Cotton Puff 100”

$3 for 100 = $0.03/puff

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