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MAKEUP LOOK: Lasting Paint Tint

September 21, 2016

Is it possible to create a full makeup look using only Missha products? Beauty YouTuber, SSIN shows viewers how to do just that in her tutorial, “Korean One Brand tutorial #3 Missha“! In this tutorial, she creates a pink-toned, shimmery look, while offering her thoughts on each product as she applies it.

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One of her favorite products used in the video is the Lasting Painting Tint in Fruit Jelly.

The Lasting Painting Tint tints the lips with long-lasting color, eliminating the need to touch up or reapply.  It gives great color payoff for vibrant lips with just one stroke. The secret is a hybrid gelling ingredient that helps retain moisture and provides a comfortably hydrated finish.

In her video, she compares it to VDL’s lip stain, lauding the Missha’s Lasting Paint Tint as being a cheaper, more moisturizing alternative.

We’re loving the subtle, toned down look, how about you?

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