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MISSHA vs. Etude House

August 12, 2016

Find out which brand’s eyeliner YouTuber “meejmuse” prefers!


Current K-beauty trends include dewy base makeup, straight brows, and gradient lips, but we can’t forget about highlighting the aegyosal, or the little fatty deposits under the eyes that give you that cute “eye smile.”


If you follow Jen from YouTube channel “meejmuse,” you may already know how much she loves applying glittery products at the corners of her eyes to accentuate her aegyosal.

She’s known to have loved using Etude House’s Tear Drop Liner, a sparkly liquid eyeliner that is specifically applied at the inner corners of the eyes, in many of her makeup tutorials and has even mentioned it in her past “Favorites” videos.

              Etude House $7.80   1vsCaptureMISSHA $6.00


However, in her most recent video, Jen revealed that she’s discovered a new favorite sparkly liquid eyeliner, Missha’s The Style Pearl Eyeliner!


She says, “I’ve been using it a lot more than my Etude House Tear Drop Liner”

“I actually like this one slightly better… I think it comes with a lot more product and I like the applicator a lot better

“I have been using this a lot more for my under eye area if I want to go for a quick application of something”





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