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Using Lip Pencils as Eyeliner?!

August 11, 2016

Our multi-function lip pencils are not only for your lips! Learn how to use them to their full potential.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about lip pencils is… a pencil… for your lips. Seems pretty self-explanatory, doesn’t it?

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Why would a lip pencil serve any function other than what it’s name indicates?


Have you ever thought that it life would be easier having one slim product to carry around in your makeup pouch that can kill two birds with one stone?

The Silky Lasting Lip Pencil is just that– a thin lip pencil that you can use for lip, cheek, and eye makeup. You’re actually killing three birds with one stone!


The lip pencil can be easily used as a blush by drawing on the apples of your cheeks, then blending with your fingertips. Since it is essentially a pencil-type blush, it allows for you to build up the product until you’ve reached your desired look. No need to reapply your BB cream to cover up your blush mistakes! With a pencil, you have full control.


What’s probably more surprising to you, is that the lip pencil can also be used as eye product. Pop the red, orange, and pinkish shades on your eyelids and blend it out for a subtle eyeshadow look, or create a flirty and colorful cat eye.


YouTuber “EVA” uses the shade Coffee Berry to line the inner corners of her eyes to transform her makeup into a more sophisticated and mature look. The slightest bit of red makes a significant difference!



Watch her full video here



Play around with our Silky Lasting Lip Pencils!




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