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MAKEUP TREND: Summer Fruit

August 9, 2016

Summer isn’t over just yet! Get inspired by YouTubers and play with different pink and orange shades to create your signature summery fruit makeup look!


If you’re subscribed to Korean makeup gurus on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed that this summer’s makeup trend has everything to do with fruits! Peach, watermelon, guava… every fruit you can imagine has probably been the theme of a Korean makeup guru’s latest tutorial.

Understandably, in the midst of this hot weather– all we can think of is refreshing fruit!

Remember, there’s no need to load your whole face with makeup to achieve these colorful, fruity looks. Instead, focus on giving one area of your face a bright pop of color– for instance, your eyeshadow, blush, or lips. Even with “point makeup”, you can create a fruity and lively look.


Here are some tutorials of our favorite summery fruit makeup looks!


So Young’s Beauty Room: Fresh Mango Makeup


So Young creates a fun and flirty look using pinkish-orange hues, inspired by mango and citrus fruits. Though she puts emphasis on both her eye and lip makeup, she makes it look natural and wearable.

We thought it would be interesting to create a bolder mango look with orangey-red hues, with our Glam Lip Rouge in Sunset Manhattan. How would you customize this mango makeup look?

KakaoTalk_20160809_102315088 - Copy



PONY Makeup: Apricot Makeup


Pony’s apricot makeup look took us by surprise for its subtlety. Many of the fruity makeup looks we’ve seen expressed the bright and colorful nature of the fruits with lips that had a vibrant pop of color or eyes that glittered with sparkles. However, Pony’s fruit look takes it to a different, natural and mature level. In her tutorial, she uses muted orange and coral shades for her eyes, cheeks and lips.

Recreate Pony’s soft, orangey blush look with The Style Sheer Fluid Blusher or M Soft Blending Stick Blusher.

KakaoTalk_20160809_102315088 - Copy (3)



jody Wearable Makeup: Fresh Watermelon Makeup


The makeup look that Jody has created keeps the eyes natural with a hint of sparkle, but the cheeks and lips vibrant. Jody’s fresh watermelon makeup look is achieved using pinkish-red colors, and made complete with green contact lenses! The popsicle-stained gradient lip look is a must for the perfect summer look. Did you know that you can use lipsticks and lip tints as blush, too?

Check out our Water-Full Tint and Coloring Tint Balm to create your own vibrant lip and cheek look.

KakaoTalk_20160809_102315088 - Copy (2)


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