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Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Line

July 15, 2016

Is the hot summer heat drying your skin? Quench its thirst with our Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full products!


Extreme weather conditions tend to take a toll on our skin. Whether it’s winter or summertime, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated in order to keep it healthy and youthful.


Missha has many Super Aqua lines: BasicAnti-Trouble, Cell Renew Snail, Pore Care, and Ultra Water-full.

Read about the Cell Renew Snail line here

Each line caters to different skincare needs. However, if you don’t have acne, don’t need to repair your skin, or aren’t oily– try the Ultra Water-full line.


Our skin is always in need of moisture.

Without moisture, you are vulnerable to a myriad of skin problems. To name a few, you may develop more wrinkles, your acne may be aggravated, and your complexion can appear dull and flaky. If your skin is dry, you lose a layer of protection on the surface of your skin, making it prone to skin problems caused by bacteria and other harmful environmental factors.


The Ultra Water-Full line contains a Triple Aqua System to prevent skin dehydration.

  1. Aqua LOCKImperata Cylindrica and Cactus Extracts protect and moisturize
  2. Aqua SPONGEAdenium Extract helps absorb moisture
  3. Aqua TANKBaobab Tree Extract stores and activates moisture

Aqua-STEM further balances the skin’s moisture level while providing wrinkle care and brightening benefits to yield clear, moist skin.

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The line includes an Active Toner, Control Emulsion, Intensive Serum, Boosting Essence, Jelly Mist, Eye Treatment, Cream, Clear Cream, and Nutritious Cream.


The Boosting Essence also contains a Bio Essential Fluid, Missha’s Super Aqua exclusive complex that consists of Mineral Water, 8 Essential Amino Acids, Lecithin, Ceramide 3, and Mannose to help maintain moisture balance.

The Jelly Mist contains a Fruits Jelly Complex to create a moisture barrier on the skin upon spraying it.

The Clear Cream is made with Antarcticine Extract from glaciers in the Antarctic and Betula Platyphylla Japonica Juice that further prevent moisture loss.

The Nutritious Cream contains Argan oil and Jojoba oil to help remove dead skin cells, and Glacial Water and Snow Lotus Flower Extract which have antioxidants that help protect and soothe the skin.



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