PRODUCT REVIEW: Smooth Skin Peeling Mousse & SleePeeling Cream

July 13, 2016

They’re not your typical exfoliators.. no more harsh scrubbing!! Check out Renee’s review on our new Peeling Mousse & SleePeeling Cream!


The Peeling Mousse and SleePeeling Cream are gentle products that exfoliate your skin without damaging its surface.

They cleanse your pores, tighten them, and provide hydration to the skin.


As Renee mentions, the Super Aqua Smooth Skin Creamy Peeling Mousse is a foamy, bubbly product that contains a triple acid complex (AHA + BHA + PHA) that penetrates and softens the layer of dead skin cells on the skin to remove dead cells and to reveal smooth skin. As the cushion bubbles reach deep into pores to clean blackheads, sebum, and dead skin cells, they control sebum while tightening the skin.

After washing your face at night, apply an even amount of foam onto dry skin and wait 5-10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

The bubbling effect is skintertainment to make your skincare routine exciting!

♥ ♥ ♥

The Super Aqua Smooth Skin Sleepeeling Cream hydrates and moisturizes skin while you sleep. The product contains a dual acid complex of AHA + PHA that exfoliates and controls sebum. Pentavitin-R provides rich moisture and prevents moisture loss.

Before sleeping, apply a thin layer of cream on your face. Then all you need to do is sleep– it’s that simple! The next morning, rinse your face to reveal smooth and soft skin.




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