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PRODUCT FEATURE: Natural Color Clay Mask

July 8, 2016

Catch up with the latest skincare trend featuring colored clay masks! Color treatment targets your face’s various skincare needs.


Natural clay masks have different skincare benefits including hydration, brightening, pore care, and elasticity.

But what if  you have combination skin, so your T-zone needs sebum and pore care, but your cheeks and chin are in need of moisture?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could mix and match masks to target the different areas of your face?

Now you can!!


Trending currently in skincare is color treatment. Just as color-correcting concealers are trending in the makeup world, Missha’s Natural Color Clay Masks can cater to your different skincare needs to help you achieve flawless skin.


PINK: provides moisture and energy with Brazilian pink clay and peach tree flower extract, peach extract, and lotus flower extract.

PURPLE: provides elasticity and nutrition with Brazilian purple clay, violet flower extract, elder berry extract, and lavender flower extract.

YELLOW: brightening effect to help brighten the skin tone while promoting clear skin. Contains Brazilian yellow clay, lemon extract, mango seed butter, and gold extract.

GREEN: sebum and pore care to help absorb sebum and promote clean pores. Contains Brazilian green clay, lemongrass extract, eucalyptus leaf extract, and plum extract.




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