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Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Line

June 13, 2016

Have you heard about the snail hype? Snails have recently driven K-beauty into the skincare spotlight with their miraculous slime.


You may have noticed that snail products have become prevalent in Korean skincare. You must be wondering, “Why are Koreans so obsessed with snails???”

Well, it’s because snails do wonders to our skin! No, the snail products don’t contain the snails themselves– instead, they contain snail slime, or mucin.


Snail mucin has cell regenerating capabilities that allow for skin texture reconstruction. The snail slime was first discovered to have healing properties when it was found that snail keepers’ hands healed quickly without leaving scars and instead, making their hands brighter and softer.

Thus, including snail mucin in skincare products helps prevent skin damage while increasing the skin’s defensive power.

Snail products have cell renewal, wrinkle repair, and brightening benefits.


Watch The Wall Street Journal’s coverage on South Korean beauty:



While most snail products only have cell renewal capabilities, Missha’s Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail line also contains moisturizing synergy to hydrate the skin. The products contain snail slime extract reconstructs the skin texture and Botanical stem cell extract promotes skin regeneration. In addition, they contain Baobab extract, which promotes moisture activation and Deep Sea Water that helps the skin absorb and store the moisture.

Snail products are recommended for those who want to improve skin damage such as acne scars or wrinkles. They are also recommended for people who are concerned about dull complexion and loss of elasticity, and those who want to strengthen their skin.




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