Velour Flat-Pen Tint

June 10, 2016
Looking for a lip tint that is long-lasting and easy to apply?


Missha’s Velour Flat-Pen Tints are like colorful markers that make it quick and easy to apply lip tint! The flat tip design fits over the angles of the lips for a clean and quick application.

The tint has an aqua base with more than 80% moisture, leaving a non-sticky and refreshing finish. It contains Hyaluronic Acid that provides moisture, Vitamin E derivatives to protect the lips, and a Berry Complex that vitalizes the lips.


Just as aย marker would, the flat-pen tint stains the lips for a long-lasting and smudge-free effect. You can fully color your lips in for a bold and vivid look, or just apply the tint on the innerย areaย of the lips for the perfect gradient effect as in the photo below.

Available in Merry Peach, Vivid Orange, Lovely Berry, Scarlet Rose, & Sweet Cherry.




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