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MAKEUP LOOK: The Style Defining Blusher

June 8, 2016

Have you seen Pony from YouTube channel “PONY Makeup” create this flawless “Matte Mauve Smoky Makeup” using Missha’s The Style Defining Blusher in Satin Beige?


She uses this Satin Beige shade as a highlighter by applying it on the inner corners of her eyes, along her nose, and on her cupid’s bow.

Watch her full tutorial here


Highlighter is typically applied to the highest points of the face where light first hits– such as along the nose, forehead, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow.

By highlighting these areas, your face will appear to have more definition in addition to a glowing complexion by creating an illusion of height and brightness. Applying a light shimmery shade on the inner corners of the eyes make the eyes appear bigger and brighter.




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